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Popcorn popping on the… fireplace?

Popcorn popping on the… fireplace?

Just a quick one today. I love popcorn. It is one of my favorite snacks. Now that we are without a microwave, the only way to make it is on our stovetop. But we ended up at the cabin with a few bags of microwave […]

Floating on Air

Floating on Air

One of the things that I loved about the cabin that we were originally trying to buy was the floating shelves in the kitchen. They were beautiful, and simplistic. I have always been drawn to the concept of open shelving, especially in a small space […]

Oh Beautiful Cabinets

Oh Beautiful Cabinets

Cabinets. Oh cabinets. The cabin had the wildest set of cabinets I had ever seen. There was a “new” set of cabinets with countertop on the left, and the cabinets on the right was two cabinets, separated by about 6 inches, with one countertop going over both, creating a peninsula. There was also a cabinet where the fridge is now, but we had to take that out on day one, because without it the fridge wouldn’t fit (the old owner only had a mini fridge). We also removed an upper cabinet from the corner. 

Removing all the cabinets was a pain in the booty because of how hodge podge everything was. There were multiple different types and lengths of screws holding all this in place. So it was a bit of a mystery as we were unscrewing each screw. Would it take forever, or be a short one where the cabinet suddenly decides to fall off the wall. It kept us on our toes for sure. But we got them all down. 

Next came the measuring and ordering of the new cabinets. I swear, I thought I was going to pull my hair out over this. I was so stressed making sure that everything was measured correctly and the right cabinet ordered. Fortunately we were able to do standard cabinets for everything, no custom cabinets. There was also much debate about what size we wanted to make the island. I was worried that it would be too big, as we wanted to keep the open feel in the house, but Tyson wanted more prep space. In the end, we ordered bigger, and kept our fingers crossed it wouldn’t be too bad. Countertops were from Ikea, as 3 slabs of counters from them was a fraction of the price of anywhere else.

Installing the cabinets and counters was a whirlwind of experiments. Trying to figure out the best way to secure everything. It was also made more complicated by the fact that we couldn’t figure out how to pull the drawers out, so we were working around them as well (we later found the instructions on how to take out the drawers hiding inside one of the drawers. So if you are installing cabinets yourself, don’t be dumb like us and look for the instructions first).

The hardest part of the install was getting the angle correct for the corner of the cabinets (over the lazy Susan). But we figured it out, after much discussion (read: arguing), and we got it done.

Tyson installed the sink, almost completely by himself. I think the sink was his pet project, as he picked it out himself. He does most of the dishes in the house (whoever doesn’t cook dinner, does the dishes), so the sink was important to him.

I would have loved to have shared a picture without dishes in the sink, but lets be honest, there are always dishes in there so… sorry.

I LOVE the results. I love our kitchen. The island ended up being the perfect size. And the countertops look beautiful. We still have a few things to finish up, like the back panel on the island, but for now, I am happy.

In Hot Water

In Hot Water

The hot water heater will probably give me nightmares for the rest of my life.  Ok, that may be a tad overdramatic. But for real, the water heater was the WORST part of the renovation. Originally we had a 5 gallon electric water heater, which […]

And So the Remodel Begins…

And So the Remodel Begins…

When we bought this place, the plan was to gradually renovate it into our dream home. We failed at the “gradual” part. As we started taking stuff apart, we just had to dive in headfirst. This meant that we have been so busy with improvements […]

Oh, Canada!

Oh, Canada!

I have been wanting to visit Banff National Park for ages. So I finally got Tyson to just schedule some time off, and we took a road trip. Our originally trip was intended to be a big loop from Utah to Oregon/Washington, then Vancouver, BC, over to Banff, then back home, with a stop in Yellowstone on the way. The day before we were supposed to leave however, we were looking at the budget and decided that it would be better financially for us to just go straight up and back down. We will do the other half of the trip another time. Regardless of the shorter trip, it was still amazing. We learned a few things along the way.

Yellowstone isn’t dog friendly. You would think an outdoor park would be animal friendly but there was almost NO WHERE that we could take the dogs. I understand not allowing them on the boardwalks, but they aren’t allowed on any trails. This was frustrating, since we had Olive and Panda with us. If you are planning to visit Yellowstone, leave your pups at home.

Dogs enjoying Calgary after being stuck in the car for most of the trip in Yellowstone

Bozeman, Mt is extremely RV friendly. Specifically the Walmart. Many Walmarts allow overnight RV parking, but usually you see 1-2 other RVs. There were at least 20 in the parking lot in Bozeman. It was awesome. Idaho Falls, ID was fairly welcoming as well.

Print your Banff pass ahead of time. Ok this one comes with a disclaimer. We didn’t have a way to print our pass, but we didn’t get ticketed or booted or anything. That said, when you pay for your pass (which we did) it says to print it out and put it on the dashboard. We were able to sneak by without it, but if you are concerned about following the rules to a T, print it off before you leave.

In off season the parking lot to Lake Moraine doesn’t close so early. We were told that once the parking lot fills up, they shut the whole road to the lake down. During peak season, this happens before sunrise. We were there by 5am to make sure that we could get in. It didn’t fill up until around 9am. I would still recommend going early, but maybe not AS early as we did.

Don’t forget an extra blanket. This was just our being dumb. We were sleeping in the car. And only brought 1 blanket. That was NOT enough. We had to buy a second one at the next store. Which ended up being Bozeman, MT, because there were no home good stores between Idaho Falls and Montana. So don’t do what we did.

Don’t forget to winter. Again, our dumb. It’s been summer so long that we forgot how to winter. We brought coats and boots… but no hats or gloves. Don’t be us.

Siri doesn’t always know what the heck she’s doing.  Exhibit A. 

Canada doesn’t do fountain drinks. We like to refill our soda/coffee cups when we travel to save money, and save environment. Apparently Canada doesn’t believe in refill because there were very few places that offered fountain drinks. Coffee was more easily found, but still sparse. Not the end of the world, but something to keep in mind and budget for.

Canada is known for it’s meats. EAT THE MEAT. We try not to eat much meat, but we had to try the elk burgers, and don’t regret it in the slightest. Best burger I have ever eaten at The Rock.

We learn new things every time we travel. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but we always learn, and never regret it.

A Complete 180

A Complete 180

I promised you an update. Cutting to the chase, we are staying in Utah. After driving back and forth to CA multiple times, we realized that it was more than we wanted to do in order to see our kids twice a month. As hard […]

All Is Not Lost…

All Is Not Lost…

As crushed as we were to have to pass on Magic Feather, there was a small silver lining. While researching the value for our offer, we found another Lancer 36, located in San Diego, with an asking price of $19500. The thought crossed our minds […]

The Offer

Making an offer on a boat is scary. It’s a lot like making an offer on a house. Except, in our case, without the expertise of a broker to guide our offer.

We really didn’t want to offend Toni and David, but we did want to get a fair price. We researched. Looked for what other Lancers were being sold for, looked for values on the NADA guides (think KBB for boats), priced all the “upgrades” out so that we could offer what we felt was fair.

Asking price was $32000.

We offered $26000.

I was terrified to look at my phone after I sent the message with our offer. Even after seeing Toni reply back, we didn’t read it for a bit. Too scared of what it would say.

But eventually, it had to be read.

Rejected. Flat out. No counter offer, no wiggle, nothing.

I don’t fault them for it. They just want to get what they feel she’s worth. But it did hurt a bit that they were unwilling to be flexible or meet halfway.

We waited a bit to respond. Thanked them for a wonderful day of sailing, but that we would have to pass.

It was a sad day.

Buying a Boat… Again.

Buying a Boat… Again.

Remember how much I didn’t like this process before? Yeah… I still don’t like it. It’s exhausting and an emotional rollercoaster. After sailing Magic Feather, we were in love. But our head and logic couldn’t forget Kalimba in Long Beach. Magic Feather had the love […]

My Diary

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Remember how much I didn’t like this process before? Yeah… I still don’t like it. It’s exhausting and an emotional rollercoaster.

After sailing Magic Feather, we were in love. But our head and logic couldn’t forget Kalimba in Long Beach. Magic Feather had the love and the feeling, but Kalimba has more recent upgrades, and could hold us all easily. So we went back to our old method… The Pro/Con List.

I won’t bore you with the whole list, but here is the gist of it:

Rigging- Magic Feather (MF, because Magic Feather takes too long to write out) has been replaced recently, Kalimba we don’t know when. Win for MF

Layout- Kalimba has the better layout. Check for K.

Cockpit Enclosure- MF has full enclosure, Kalimba only half. MF ahead again.

Draft- Kalimba is 5’9, MF 6’11. Kalimba ties it up.

And on and on.

We also priced out the upgrades needed for each for our uses. In the end, Magic Feather was cheaper, Kalimba had more pros.

So we decided to get some outside un-biased opinion. Tyson’s best friend. After hearing everything, he suggested going with the one that we would be most comfortable living in every day. Which is Kalimba, due to her layout.

Lets move forward with Kalimba.

Not so fast.

I sent an email to the broker to let them know we wanted Kalimba… and IMMEDIATELY regretted it. Tears in my eyes as soon as I hit “send”. The thought of giving up Magic Feather, this boat that we feel so connected to and love, made me want to cry ugly tears. And I was being silly. Kalimba was a beautiful boat and we could be so happy on her.

But the more I thought about it, the sadder I got. The broker called to figure out the offer, and I didn’t answer (don’t do this, kind of a dick move) and when Tyson asked me why, I told him I didn’t want to lose out on Magic Feather.

He was completely on board. Magic Feather was his first choice anyway.

And so we decided to make an offer.