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The Do’s and Dont’s of Nassau, Bahamas

The Do’s and Dont’s of Nassau, Bahamas

When you think of the Bahamas, you usually imagine picturesque beaches and sunshine and palm trees, right? While we did find some beautiful beaches, we also found some downsides to the island. I’m not saying it’s awful, but just be aware when visiting Nassau. Don’t […]

Boat “Adventures”: Part 2

Boat “Adventures”: Part 2

After our mishap with the cruise boat, we still ventured out the next weekend for a sail, this time with my kids. We were joining a friend from the marina, Peter, on a sail (motor) out to cradle bay. Because we were leaving late in […]

Boat “Adventures”: Part 1

All growing up, I spent time on boats with my parents. And during that time we had many many… “adventures”. Whether it was running out of gas in the middle of Lake Powell and having to manually tow the boat to shore, or getting stuck in a storm, it seemed like we always had something going slightly wrong.

Now that I am a boat owner, these small mishaps continue, and I haven’t been able to decide if it is simply ME that is bad luck, or if it’s just a normal part of boat life.

But, whichever it is, we have definitely seen our fair share lately. Hopefully the more we learn and the better we get, these mishaps will become less and less.

The past two weekends have seen three, and this is the story of the first.

We went out for a sail on Friday, May 25th, with the intention of arriving back at the marina after dark, but when we flipped the switch for our running lights, they didn’t work. So then we were racing the sun to get back. We made it, and Tyson spent the next couple hours doing electrical work to get them working again.

With our lights successfully fixed, we headed out for a long sail on the 26th. It was a beautiful sail. We went about 40 miles, which was our longest sail to date. I did get a bit seasick, but it was still a great day.

But it all turned scary at the end.

Coming back into the marina at 10:45pm, we saw the Sunset Cruise boat (a large dinner cruise boat) docked in her usual place, with her running lights on. Nothing unusual, we could see both the green (starboard/right) and red (port/left) running lights, meaning she was facing us. Then, in an instant, all we could see was green. It took us a second to realize what had happened, as it was hard in the dark to make out what was going on. The boat had swung out in front of us broadside. The next couple minutes were a blur. I hollered at Tyson to hit hard reverse, which causes our outboard motor to pop out of the water, and you have to hold it down with a foot. We were fighting the current and wind, so much so that even with full reverse, we were staying stationary, rather than going backwards as we were trying to. Fortunately, Sunset was able to swing back into place fairly quickly and we could go back into drive. Tyson threw it back into gear, but we still were quite close to the boat with the current, and it took all three of us (Cole, me, and Tyson) pushing off of the boat to keep from colliding. In the end, we avoided disaster, but it was was a scare.


Without them, we wouldn’t have seen Sunset, and they wouldn’t have seen us. I am just extremely grateful it wasn’t worse.

Part 2, HERE.

Beauty on Board

Beauty on Board

Anyone that know me, knows that I am kind of a girly girl. I like doing my hair and makeup and looking pretty. When we moved aboard, I went a little nuts with removing products from my makeup and beauty routine. Either because the container […]

Sewing on Boats: Curtains

Sewing on Boats: Curtains

Do you ever start a project with a plan that you think is going to be so easy and amazing and awesome… and then halfway through it you want to chuck the sewing machine out the window and curl into a ball and cry? No? […]

Just a quick one today

Just a quick one today

As you know, we try not to have too much food waste. Which means when we get green onions at the store, after we use the tops, we put the white parts with the roots in a cup of water so they can continue to grow. And boy do they grow. This was about 4 days growth.

Crazy right? They were getting out of control, but I didn’t want to just chop them off and toss them. I love having dried chives for cooking because they don’t require refrigeration, so I figured I would try the same with onions. But I don’t have a dehydrator. So to Google I went, and found that you can just set them in the sun and let nature do the rest.

I had to make a “pan” to dry them on because we got rid of all of ours in the move. (No point in having pans without an oven).

Set them out, went for a sail… 5 hours later….

Boom! Dried onions. I’m stoked. It worked exactly as I hoped. Now I don’t have to worry about the onions getting wasted. Happy day.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming

I know I haven’t posted a new post in a while. Getting settled in has taken a lot more time and effort than I previously anticipated. And we still aren’t fully settled. Some things still haven’t found a set place on board, which means a […]

Rough Seas

The last couple of days have been rough. Actually, they have been downright hellish. So awful that’s it’s hard to even write it out cause I get frustrated with it all over again. But we learned some lessons. Always learning. Lesson 1. Leash the dog […]

We did it!!

We did it!!

We are officially living on board! It’s been a CRAZY weekend. A whirlwind of cleaning and loading cars of stuff, and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of garbage that we had accumulated. But we did it!

The first few hours aboard looked like a bomb exploded. Stuff everywhere, boxes pulled out of cubbies, everything being reorganized.

But after we got settled, things started to find a place and we were able to relax a bit.

Today was a day of more little projects. My main goal was to get our pantry shelf put on and organized. When I tried to put the shelf in, I realized that I hadnt taken the curvature of the boat into consideration. Rookie mistake. And the saw was home so…. Yeah. That one would have to wait.

Instead I tackled the hanging of our storage pockets. We have a row of pockets for the kids to store their stuff when they are here, a set under the vberth for Tyson and me (he has one set, I have another, so neither of us can complain what the other stores, as long as we keep it in our pockets), and an another set under the stove to keep tools we use frequently, because having them stored underneath the setee was just not working.

Next was mounting the knife magnet. It isn’t as secure as we would like by itself, so we will be ordering another one to make sure we don’t have falling knives. Cause that’s bad.

Also put up the carbon monoxide detector, rather than letting it continue to get in our way

Broken wire holding clip things (don’t know the real name) had to be taken down and replaced. I will say I feel a lot better now that our wiring isn’t held in place by electrical tape. It looked trashy. Not that the clips are perfect, but better.

After all that, I had an epiphany. I had a multi tool in my car. With a wood cutting blade. It might not be as fast as a saw… But I can cut the shelf for the pantry! Huzzah. I literally did a happy dance when I figured that out. I was really irritated that we had to wait to do the pantry, so not waiting now makes me happy. It took me a few minutes, but I did it! Legit felt like a boss.

(We have more food, it’s just still in the car)

Oh, and I put up spice rack holder things. Jax helped. The two top ones were too long so I had to take one off, and I was happy to find they fit our salt and pepper grinders, so now they are secure on the table and not sliding around.

I’m so happy. Lots of projects checked off the list, and more to come! But enough boring stuff… SAILING!!

Addy is a great helms person. And it’s been a great day sailing, despite not having much wind.

Eventful weekend. But I couldn’t be more happy.



The Gift of Minimalisim

The Gift of Minimalisim

This year, as we were contemplating what to get the kids for Easter, I had a conversation with my mother. I told her how we were considering alternatives to your average Easter baskets, because we don’t need more stuff on board (especially while still trying […]

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This year, as we were contemplating what to get the kids for Easter, I had a conversation with my mother. I told her how we were considering alternatives to your average Easter baskets, because we don’t need more stuff on board (especially while still trying to downsize all the stuff we already have). Her response to that was “oh they are kids, they still need stuff”.

I found myself annoyed and perplexed by this. How did we get so conditioned to need “stuff”? I tried, rather weakly, to argue against her stance, but decided it was neither the time, nor place, for that particular discussion.

But I know it will come up again. Every birthday and holiday season we will be bombarded with people attempting to give us stuff. We know it’s all out of kindness, but we really don’t need it, and don’t have room in our tiny home for it. Please know that while we appreciate the sentiment, most gifts will be donated to someone in need. You don’t have to give us presents for us to know you love us. In fact, supporting us in our choice of living in a tiny home, and NOT giving gifts we can’t use (even if you think it’s useful), is the best way to show you care.

However, I know there are people in the world that just like to give. It brings them joy. If you are one of those people, I have a solution for us both.

Gift ideas for the minimalist in your life.

1. Tickets to a local attraction. Whether it’s the zoo, aquarium, or museum, plays, etc., tickets to these attractions make wonderful gifts. The gift of experiences, rather than things. Even better if you go along with us for the experience.

2. Ebooks. Books take up a lot of room. By donating our books and switching to Kindle, we have saved a ton of space on board, and fewer trees are cut down.

3. Gift cards. I know they aren’t as fun, but they are invaluable. Restaurant cards, grocery store cards, or Amazon cards (because let’s face it, who doesn’t use Amazon). The kids really like iTunes cards as well.

4. Speaking of Amazon… wish list items from Amazon. This is one of the few physical things on this list. There are still things that we need on occasion for Intrepid, and a good 95% of them come from Amazon and are stored in our wish list until we are ready to purchase them. We keep it pretty updated, and everything on it would be well utilized.

5. If all else fails, ask them. I assure you, they would rather you ask than to have you just pick something that they will have to feel guilty getting rid of.