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All Is Not Lost…

All Is Not Lost…

As crushed as we were to have to pass on Magic Feather, there was a small silver lining. While researching the value for our offer, we found another Lancer 36, located in San Diego, with an asking price of $19500. The thought crossed our minds […]

The Offer

Making an offer on a boat is scary. It’s a lot like making an offer on a house. Except, in our case, without the expertise of a broker to guide our offer. We really didn’t want to offend Toni and David, but we did want […]

Buying a Boat… Again.

Buying a Boat… Again.

Remember how much I didn’t like this process before? Yeah… I still don’t like it. It’s exhausting and an emotional rollercoaster.

After sailing Magic Feather, we were in love. But our head and logic couldn’t forget Kalimba in Long Beach. Magic Feather had the love and the feeling, but Kalimba has more recent upgrades, and could hold us all easily. So we went back to our old method… The Pro/Con List.

I won’t bore you with the whole list, but here is the gist of it:

Rigging- Magic Feather (MF, because Magic Feather takes too long to write out) has been replaced recently, Kalimba we don’t know when. Win for MF

Layout- Kalimba has the better layout. Check for K.

Cockpit Enclosure- MF has full enclosure, Kalimba only half. MF ahead again.

Draft- Kalimba is 5’9, MF 6’11. Kalimba ties it up.

And on and on.

We also priced out the upgrades needed for each for our uses. In the end, Magic Feather was cheaper, Kalimba had more pros.

So we decided to get some outside un-biased opinion. Tyson’s best friend. After hearing everything, he suggested going with the one that we would be most comfortable living in every day. Which is Kalimba, due to her layout.

Lets move forward with Kalimba.

Not so fast.

I sent an email to the broker to let them know we wanted Kalimba… and IMMEDIATELY regretted it. Tears in my eyes as soon as I hit “send”. The thought of giving up Magic Feather, this boat that we feel so connected to and love, made me want to cry ugly tears. And I was being silly. Kalimba was a beautiful boat and we could be so happy on her.

But the more I thought about it, the sadder I got. The broker called to figure out the offer, and I didn’t answer (don’t do this, kind of a dick move) and when Tyson asked me why, I told him I didn’t want to lose out on Magic Feather.

He was completely on board. Magic Feather was his first choice anyway.

And so we decided to make an offer.

Vancouver and Magic Feather

Vancouver and Magic Feather

After our disaster of a weekend looking at boats in California, we were not entirely looking forward to traveling to Canada to look at another boat. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but having the last boat sold out from under us really […]

Common Courtesy, Not So Common

Common Courtesy, Not So Common

This weekend we learned that you can’t buy decency (Thank you for the quote, Steven) Friday afternoon, I was browsing Facebook, as I do, when I came across a boat shared to a sailing group that I am in. A 39’ Yorktown, listed for $16k. […]



I know it’s been a while. I apologize. We have had a LOT going on the last month, and I haven’t been in the mood to write, or really do much of anything. But I have a minute and we are slightly settled down, so it’s time to update on the changes.

We left Intrepid for the summer. The flies got to us. I spent a lot of time feeling depressed and defeated that we couldn’t deal with them, but once the air conditioner went out because it was so clogged with flies… That was my last straw. We will re-evaluate at the end of the summer when the flies are not so bad, and go from there.

So where are we living now?

In this, “Mr. Nomad”.

A 1975 20′ camp trailer that we got for $2000. Since he’s older than Tyson, he’s got some issues, but overall, for the price, we are content. We are currently parked in the driveway of Tyson’s step-moms.

Me being who I am, my main priority was fixing up the interior to make it more comfortable and pretty and bring it out of the 70s. This meant new paint, which was a 3 day project for me and my kids while Tyson was on a business trip, contact paper on the counters to make them look new, peel and stick back splash “tile”, and new flooring. There is still a bit to do, including some touch ups on the paint, and the ceiling needs to be fixed/replaced, but I am much more comfortable here now that it’s nice and new and clean.

Tyson being who he is, his priority was the systems. We set it up to be able to go off grid, so that we can, in theory, park anywhere that we have service (since we work though our phone internet), and we will be good. New bank of batteries, and 4 solar panels. We also have a window fan to try to combat the heat, though at the moment, it’s drawing more power than we are getting from the panels. We don’t know if this is because we have the panels set up in series rather than parallel, but we might adjust it to see if we can get more out of it. But we are self sustaining, if we are careful with our power, and water.

What are our plans for the future?

Honestly… we don’t know. We may go back to Intrepid in a month or so, and continue with our original plan of looking for a big boat on the coast (we’re actually looking at a boat in the Pacific Northwest next weekend). We may buy a plot of land and park the trailer on it, and build a tiny house on it, and then Airbnb the trailer out, and eventually the tiny house as well when we retire to a boat in 10 years, rather than next year. Or we may buy an RV and travel North America. Or maybe just find a cheap small house and stay here.

Moving from the boat to the trailer has really made us reconsider all our options. I still want to move back to Intrepid, Tyson is a bit more apprehensive, but we are open to seeing what will be best for us.

There you have it. Where we have been, and where we are going (sort of). Hopefully the next update won’t be so far out.

Until then, we’ll keep breezing by.

One of those days

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where just nothing goes right? Yeah. Us too. We are at the end of our ropes lately. It’s not the smallness of the boat, it’s not even the huge spiders covering the docks. It’s the flies. Billions […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Nassau, Bahamas

The Do’s and Dont’s of Nassau, Bahamas

When you think of the Bahamas, you usually imagine picturesque beaches and sunshine and palm trees, right? While we did find some beautiful beaches, we also found some downsides to the island. I’m not saying it’s awful, but just be aware when visiting Nassau. Don’t […]

Boat “Adventures”: Part 3

Boat “Adventures”: Part 3

After taking my kids home, we had plans to take some friends out for a sail. They had been with us once before, but it was December and freezing, so we were hoping to be able to give them a better experience.

It all seemed to be going well, with the exception of our dogs’ Astro turf falling off the bow (we got it back), and we were in high spirits with good food and wind.

Then I looked down. And saw an inch of water in the bottom of the cabin (this is in addition to the 6 inch deep bilge). Fortunately we had gotten the bilge pump fully installed not long before.

I hopped down and flipped the switch to empty it out. So glad we sprung for a more powerful pump that could keep up. Once it went down enough to see what was going on, we found that our through hull valve had failed and was gushing lake water into our bilge. Tyson handed the helm to our friend, and we worked together to shove a rag into the hole to stop the gush.

We continued on to our anchor point at Eardley Spit, and took a swim. Tyson also shoved a rag up in the hole from the underside of the boat for extra security.

The sail back after dark was extremely peaceful and solid sailing, but we were on high alert listening and watching for more water. We made it fine, but the next day was dedicated to patching the hole, rather than relaxing as we had hoped. (Check out the video for details on that) But she’s afloat  and hopefully we won’t have to worry about it for a while.

I don’t think our friends will ever come sailing with us again.

Boat “Adventures”: Part 1

Boat “Adventures”: Part 2

Boat “Adventures”: Part 2

Boat “Adventures”: Part 2

After our mishap with the cruise boat, we still ventured out the next weekend for a sail, this time with my kids. We were joining a friend from the marina, Peter, on a sail (motor) out to cradle bay. Because we were leaving late in […]

My Diary

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After our mishap with the cruise boat, we still ventured out the next weekend for a sail, this time with my kids. We were joining a friend from the marina, Peter, on a sail (motor) out to cradle bay. Because we were leaving late in the day, we motored most of the way, with assistance from the sails, in order to get to the anchorage by dark.

He had given us the coordinates to safely get into the bay, as it is nestled next to a reef. We had to fiddle around with them for a while to get them into the correct format for our navigation system, but we were eventually able to get our course plotted. We made it safely into the bay after a few hours, and rafted up with Peter and his friend… Jake? Maybe. I can’t remember. They ate dinner and we all sat around chit chatting while watching the sunset.

Sunsets on the lake are one of my favorite things.

Before it got too dark, we broke off the raft up, and fell back to set our own anchor and head to bed. This would be our first night out on the lake. We wanted to make sure we got it right. A major concern while anchoring is the risk of dragging anchor. To combat this, we downloaded an app that is supposed to alert us if we move outside the anchor perimeter. But because we were new to being “on the hook” we didn’t know the best way to use it, so we had to somewhat guess on the settings.

Once the kids were settled and we were set, Tyson and I hung out in the cockpit with all the dogs and look at the stars. It was amazingly peaceful. But started to get chilly so we went to bed.

An hour later, we were woken up by the alarm on the app going off. We looked out, and it didn’t appear that we had moved, so we reset the app and went back to sleep, assuming that we had just messed up on setting it originally. But 5 minutes later, it went off again, and this time, we had definitely moved, as we were now about 20 feet from Peter’s boat.

Both of us flew into action, throwing on clothes and climbing out the hatch. Tyson starting pulling on the anchor line, hoping to use the anchor to pull us away from Peter, but it wasn’t secured and just came up out of the water. Handing it to me, he ran to the motor to get us started. At that point we were only a couple of feet from Peter, so I set the anchor down and stepped on it with my bare foot to hold it in place, and I was able to gently keep us off of his boat and let the current carry us away from him. After getting clear, we re-set the anchor, and the app, and went back to bed. But at that point neither one of us slept well because we were both listening for any sound or indication of trouble.

The kids, on the other hand, slept through it all. Including Jax who was on deck in a hammock right next to where we were dealing with the anchor. I am not sure if their ability to sleep through stuff is a good thing, or bad.

On top of all that, the wind kicked up at 4am and began rocking us enough to make everyone on board sick. We ended up abandoning our original plans of going ashore and swimming, and just turned tail to sail back in. Lesson learned, make sure the anchor is set, and use an alarm!

Part 3, coming soon.