Sailing through life, wherever the winds take us

Hello All!

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Welcome to our blog!

I am really excited to get going, and I hope that you are excited to read it.

But before that, you have to meet us. Of course. That’s standard, right?

We are Tyson and Stacie. We have 5 kids between us, two dogs, and a bird. It’s quite the busy household. Tyson and I both work, try to stay active, still find time to fit hobbies in there, and some sort of social life. Then on top of that, we added a sailboat, and now a blog. We like to keep ourselves busy that is for sure.

Travel is a super big deal to us. We try to plan one big trip a year at least, this year was Italy, last year was Australia. Our dream is someday to buy a bigger sailboat, then sail the world and see everything. The minimalist approach, plus getting to experience all this great earth has to offer us, is very appealing. If we didn’t have to share our kiddos with exes, we would be out there now. But instead, we are waiting on our Catalina 27, named Intrepid, and learning all that we can to prepare ourselves. She’s taken a lot of minor fixes, and we seem to encounter more every day, but we love her.

A little more about Tyson and me. Tyson is a business analyst who often travels for work, enjoys video games, and it was thanks to him that I caught the sailing bug and got on board (ha, get it?) with his dream of sailing around the world. It was also him who dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of NFL football, and now I can’t get enough, and look forward to the Eagles game each week, just as much as him. I have a wide array of interests and hobbies, all of which take too much time for me to dedicate to, so I find myself doing a little of everything. Primarily though photography, and lots of craft/DIY projects. We enjoy gardening and fighting over the best way to do things (it’s usually Tyson who wins) and overall love spending time together. I know. Cheesy. But that’s how we roll.

So that’s us. I’m sure you will get to know even more as we go. Enjoy!

Oh, and we love our dogs.


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