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Its interesting how life can change in what seems to be an instant. One minute, you are settled, things are going fine, and then one thought, action or event sends you into a tailspin of wildness.

Case in point, we are most likely going to be moving to a boat.

A month ago, this was a “someday” move. Then I came across a beautiful boat for sale that I was ready to sell everything and buy. Tyson talked me down from this, but somehow it planted a seed of “what if someday was sooner, rather than later” and we began talking about what it would take to make our dream happen. And it ballooned from there.

The first step was to find out if our house was worth enough to make it possible. All of our plans we were throwing around hinged on us being able to sell our house for a profit, in order to cover the cost of our new boat. If we couldn’t do that, there was no point in thinking on it more.

So our realtor came by. His name is Perry and he is amazing to work with. Shameless plug for him if you are ever in the market for a house in Utah.

We would make a profit. This could happen.

Some people will probably call us crazy for considering leaving our big house and yard with spectacular view to go live in a tiny floating home. But now is the right time. Tyson’s job is only guaranteed for a year, and the housing market is hugely in our favor. Smartest thing financially is for us to plan for the worst, him not having a job after next spring, and set ourselves up as best we can to ride that wave, while not losing out on our dreams of living on a sailboat.

Our plan to be able to save as much as we could in the next year, and transition ourselves onto a sailboat, is this:

1. Liquidate everything. Besides a few keepsakes, if it isn’t useful for daily life, or sailing, we are selling or donating it. Money made will be going into our savings account.

2. Sell the house. Profits go into savings.

3. Move onto Intrepid on the Great Salt Lake. This will save us roughly $1800.00 a month just in house costs.

4. Work on getting a slip lined up at a marina in California. This is definitely a process. There are waiting lists, and most of them are 6+ months. So we will be applying at every one we can, then crossing our fingers one opens up. Once we have one, then…

5. Buy a bigger boat and move to the marina.

So we have a plan.

Next step is the details. We have to think of every issue that we can think of and come up with a solution. We are likely missing a ton, but we have a little bit of time to get all the ducks in a row. Some we have a solve…. some we are still mulling over.


They are the biggest concern. Obviously. Tyson and I share time with our exes. They live in Utah and will not be moving. So the “easiest” thing would be to spend the school year here in Utah, with their other parents. That really wouldn’t be easiest for us as parents, not seeing our kids for so long, but the more we talk, the better it seems it will be for the kids. They have their friends and their schools here. We don’t want to uproot them. Stability for long term would be best. Especially for my kids who go back and forth between their dad’s house and ours every couple days. While we love having them so much, we can see the negative effects on them of being bounced back and forth. Fortunately, with our savings from boat life, we should be able to come visit Utah often during the school year, and we will be leaving Intrepid here as our “hotel” when we do come. And with technology the way it is, FaceTime really helps to bridge distance gaps in between visits.


Since both of us work mostly from home, work doesn’t care where we physically are when we are working. As long as we have an internet connection, we are good. The only tricky part is that Tyson has been assigned a project that will carry us to next year (once the project ends, that’s when he may not have a job anymore), but it’s based out of Utah, so either we have to stay close enough for him to go to the site regularly, or pay out of our own pocket to travel back and forth from California to be there. Not ideal, but doable.

So that’s the plan. It’s a bit crazy and unusual for people outside of the sailing world, but the time is right and we are ready for the tiny home life. If we don’t do it now, we may not be able to later.

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