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Q&A About Boat Living

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Since we told everyone about our plans to move aboard, I have been bombarded with questions about how it all works. It’s been pretty interesting what people have asked about, so I thought I would make a blog post answering a few.

“What do you do about food and food storage?”- In the past I have talked about how I try to do all my shopping for the month at once and do food prep. On a boat, that won’t work so well. Grocery shopping will be happening at least once a week. We’re only about 15 minutes from a town. We have an ice box on board, and a cooler, so we’ll be able to keep food cold for a few days. We also have a small storage area we will be using as a pantry. Meals will be a little simpler because we only have a stove, no oven, but we will adapt. Lots of produce and fresh foods. I figure this is one time that being vegetarian will help even more since we won’t have to worry about storing meats.

“What do you do for mail?”- We will be getting a PO Box in town. If there are packages that can’t be sent to a PO, we’ll either send them to my parents house, or to the marina office.

“How do you use the bathroom?”- There are bathrooms and showers in the marina that we have access to. Tyson hates the idea of using public restrooms, but it’s not the end of the world. We also have a porta potty on board, but that’s mainly for emergencies because we don’t want to clean it out often.

“Where will the kids sleep?”- The boat has sleeping for 6, and on the rare occasion that we have all the kids at once, the 7th person will either sleep on the floor, in the cockpit, or in a hammock above deck.

“What about the dogs?”- They are coming with us. Ice will sleep out on the bow of the boat most of the time, since that’s his favorite place to be anyway, unless it’s too cold, then we will bring him in. The Aussies will sleep below deck.

“Utilities?”- Power and WiFi are included with our marina fees.

“Where will you put all your clothes?”- We have a small closet space. Out wardrobes will be pared down to a dozen outfits or less.

“Are you guys crazy?”- Yes. Most definitely.

There ya go. If you have any other questions about the logistics, fee free to comment. We love helping people understand the sailing community a little better!

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