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The Problem with Plastics

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Alright guys. We need to have a talk. And I am going to get a little bit hippie on you, but I’m ok with that, because this is important.

Earth is dying. We are killing it. With our nonchalant attitude towards eco friendly stuff, we are destroying this beautiful planet. We don’t think before we toss an empty box in the garbage. We don’t think about climbing in our big gas guzzling trucks that dump black exhaust into the air. We don’t think about taking that straw for our drinks. And we don’t think about what that is doing to the environment. That box goes to a landfill, that exhaust pollutes our air, those straws end up in landfills or our oceans, harming the life there.

We need to start thinking. We need to start doing more. Because if we don’t, our planet won’t be here for generations to come.

I know it’s not the easiest thing. It really isn’t. And it’s far easier to just say “meh, I’m just one person, what does it matter?”. Trust me. I had the same attitude at one point. It IS hard sometimes. Finding a recycling facility is a PAIN. But you can do it. And you can feel good that you are helping protect the world. Little by little, we can make a change. Here are a few changes you can make to be a little more eco friendly.

  1. Say no to the straw. When out to eat, just say “no straw, thanks”. I know this can be difficult to do when they just give them to you, but try. For more info, check here
  2. Skip the plastic grocery bag. Reusable ones are less than $1 at most stores (they are also at the dollar store), and they are sturdier than plastic bags. If you must use plastic, when done, bring the bags back to be recycled. Most grocery stores now have a bin to return the bags.
  3. Also skip the produce bags. They aren’t entirely necessary, especially since we often just stick them in the plastic grocery bags with everything else, so it’s double the plastic bags. If you really want to use a bag, order (or make) some reusable produce bags. I have THESE.
  4. Boxes. Recycle them. Whether that is through breaking them down flat and finding a drop off (check with local businesses, a lot have recycle bins that you can access), or through reusing them for storage or crafts. Don’t just toss them. Boxes in landfills can’t properly decompose and break down because they are mixed with other non-compostable garbage. It’s also using so many trees to produce boxes that we just throw away. If you are like me and shop on Amazon a lot, request to ship all the items at once during checkout. That way you reduce the number of boxes you get.
  5. Replace your ziploc bags and plastic cling wrap with reusable options like these silicone ziplocs bags (I have these), these silicone wraps, or beeswax wraps (these are the ones I have, but there are several brands, and I have heard it’s possible to make your own. I haven’t tried that yet).
  6. Buy and USE a reusable water bottle. You can get extremely affordable ones from the dollar store, or on amazon.

There are many more swaps you can make. These are the easiest ones. They take minimal effort. We have to make an effort.

The tip of an iceberg by Jorge Gamboa…
Artists Without Borders

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