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Boat Sewing: Tiller Cover

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Intrepid has a beautiful tiller. Well kept and protected… Except for the last few inches at the bottom.

This is because the existing tiller cover is in pretty rough shape. The Velcro is gone, and it’s held on when we aren’t sailing by a bungee cord. Sad.

It was time for a new one. Shouldn’t be too hard overall. Long skinny tube that gets wider at the bottom, with Velcro closure. Except I decided to make it more complicated. Cause that’s what I do.

I wanted to make a channel at the bottom to have some elastic through, like on the boom cover, in order to get a snug fit around the base.

This of course wasn’t the easiest thing, but overall I’m happy with it. I’d rather it be secure. And happily, I didn’t mess up my Velcro and elastic placement. Writing where they went on the inside of the fabric helped.

The fabric was left over from the boom cover, which means they now match. Which makes my silly decorative self happy.

Yay for no more unprotected base. And yay for no more bungee cord (I really hated that bungee cord)

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