Sailing through life, wherever the winds take us

Take 2

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We came back to the boat for another week (ish) stay. The rain didn’t keep us away (though I really, really hope the bad weather stays away).

There is a lot to do this week to prep for boat life. Main things are installing new LED dome lights throughout Intrepid, PS4 mount in place (before I lose my mind having it just sit on the table), magnetic knife strip hung, and solve more leaks.

But all that can wait. Tonight we watch the sunset and relax.

We’re trying to give Ice more freedom to see if he will be more obedient. Currently he is running around the beach and reeds. Another nice thing about boat living is the seclusion means he can roam a bit more freely. During the day he needs to stay on the docks because we have tourists and he might bother them, but nights he can wander. We will see how it goes over the next few days. But in the meantime, he seems pretty happy.

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