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The Gift of Minimalisim

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This year, as we were contemplating what to get the kids for Easter, I had a conversation with my mother. I told her how we were considering alternatives to your average Easter baskets, because we don’t need more stuff on board (especially while still trying to downsize all the stuff we already have). Her response to that was “oh they are kids, they still need stuff”.

I found myself annoyed and perplexed by this. How did we get so conditioned to need “stuff”? I tried, rather weakly, to argue against her stance, but decided it was neither the time, nor place, for that particular discussion.

But I know it will come up again. Every birthday and holiday season we will be bombarded with people attempting to give us stuff. We know it’s all out of kindness, but we really don’t need it, and don’t have room in our tiny home for it. Please know that while we appreciate the sentiment, most gifts will be donated to someone in need. You don’t have to give us presents for us to know you love us. In fact, supporting us in our choice of living in a tiny home, and NOT giving gifts we can’t use (even if you think it’s useful), is the best way to show you care.

However, I know there are people in the world that just like to give. It brings them joy. If you are one of those people, I have a solution for us both.

Gift ideas for the minimalist in your life.

1. Tickets to a local attraction. Whether it’s the zoo, aquarium, or museum, plays, etc., tickets to these attractions make wonderful gifts. The gift of experiences, rather than things. Even better if you go along with us for the experience.

2. Ebooks. Books take up a lot of room. By donating our books and switching to Kindle, we have saved a ton of space on board, and fewer trees are cut down.

3. Gift cards. I know they aren’t as fun, but they are invaluable. Restaurant cards, grocery store cards, or Amazon cards (because let’s face it, who doesn’t use Amazon). The kids really like iTunes cards as well.

4. Speaking of Amazon… wish list items from Amazon. This is one of the few physical things on this list. There are still things that we need on occasion for Intrepid, and a good 95% of them come from Amazon and are stored in our wish list until we are ready to purchase them. We keep it pretty updated, and everything on it would be well utilized.

5. If all else fails, ask them. I assure you, they would rather you ask than to have you just pick something that they will have to feel guilty getting rid of.

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