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We did it!!

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We are officially living on board! It’s been a CRAZY weekend. A whirlwind of cleaning and loading cars of stuff, and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of garbage that we had accumulated. But we did it!

The first few hours aboard looked like a bomb exploded. Stuff everywhere, boxes pulled out of cubbies, everything being reorganized.

But after we got settled, things started to find a place and we were able to relax a bit.

Today was a day of more little projects. My main goal was to get our pantry shelf put on and organized. When I tried to put the shelf in, I realized that I hadnt taken the curvature of the boat into consideration. Rookie mistake. And the saw was home so…. Yeah. That one would have to wait.

Instead I tackled the hanging of our storage pockets. We have a row of pockets for the kids to store their stuff when they are here, a set under the vberth for Tyson and me (he has one set, I have another, so neither of us can complain what the other stores, as long as we keep it in our pockets), and an another set under the stove to keep tools we use frequently, because having them stored underneath the setee was just not working.

Next was mounting the knife magnet. It isn’t as secure as we would like by itself, so we will be ordering another one to make sure we don’t have falling knives. Cause that’s bad.

Also put up the carbon monoxide detector, rather than letting it continue to get in our way

Broken wire holding clip things (don’t know the real name) had to be taken down and replaced. I will say I feel a lot better now that our wiring isn’t held in place by electrical tape. It looked trashy. Not that the clips are perfect, but better.

After all that, I had an epiphany. I had a multi tool in my car. With a wood cutting blade. It might not be as fast as a saw… But I can cut the shelf for the pantry! Huzzah. I literally did a happy dance when I figured that out. I was really irritated that we had to wait to do the pantry, so not waiting now makes me happy. It took me a few minutes, but I did it! Legit felt like a boss.

(We have more food, it’s just still in the car)

Oh, and I put up spice rack holder things. Jax helped. The two top ones were too long so I had to take one off, and I was happy to find they fit our salt and pepper grinders, so now they are secure on the table and not sliding around.

I’m so happy. Lots of projects checked off the list, and more to come! But enough boring stuff… SAILING!!

Addy is a great helms person. And it’s been a great day sailing, despite not having much wind.

Eventful weekend. But I couldn’t be more happy.



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