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Rough Seas

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The last couple of days have been rough. Actually, they have been downright hellish. So awful that’s it’s hard to even write it out cause I get frustrated with it all over again. But we learned some lessons. Always learning.

Lesson 1. Leash the dog up lower and tighter so she can’t get on the table. (Scolding said dog for being a bad dog also resulted in dog peeing all over the floor, next time wait til outside to scold.)

Lesson 2. Batten down the hatches better. Less dust inside.

Lesson 3. Always put on repellent before taking the dogs on a walk. Especially if you are walking by the swamps. If you don’t, you will end up with bug bites er’ry-where. (Is that how you type that? I don’t know how to type… words)

Lesson 4. Don’t bark at skunks otherwise you get sprayed and your family will not cuddle you. (hopefully said dog learned this one)

Lesson 5. Make sure the motor stop clip is in place, or else you will hit it with the rudder and lose momentum. We also learned a trick of spinning the boat by using the current. That was fun.

Lesson 6. Dramamine.

Lesson 7. Get floating phone cases ordered, and always secure phone when on the dock or boarding/de-boarding the boat.

It’s never ending cycle of new stuff to learn, but sometimes the lessons blindside you one right after the other and it’s a bit much to handle at once. We will get a rhythm, and eventually the things will slow down.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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