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I know I haven’t posted a new post in a while. Getting settled in has taken a lot more time and effort than I previously anticipated. And we still aren’t fully settled. Some things still haven’t found a set place on board, which means a lot of our day consists of moving things from one location to another, in order to use the space under it. Which, not gonna lie, is really obnoxious. We are still working to find the ideal place for these things. Namely our computer bags. Mine especially is huge and in the way all the time. A lot of our stuff ends up kinda just stuck in the head area since we rarely use it for it’s real purpose. (see the bag on the head? Yeah..) Not an ideal situation.

We have gotten some projects on board done though. Towels finally have hooks. Which are dock cleats hung sideways. Cause we have to be boaty like, right? Jax had fun helping me with hanging these. While we were doing it, I taught him the difference between screws and bolts, and ever since then, if I make a mistake and call a bolt a screw (and vice versa), he makes sure to correct me. What a helpful kid.

I’m also particularly happy with this because it now covers up the hideous 2×4 piece that we had to mount to give the TV extra support on the other side. I still need to figure out what to do with the top one. I am brainstorming.

Jax also mounted the pull knob for the pantry for me. I drilled the hole, he did the rest. The doggos supervised.

Once major project that we got done was the bilge pump hose. This thing. I swear. Bane of our existence.

First of all, I don’t know how the previous owner made due with no bilge pump. EVERYTHING drains to the bilge. So you have to pump it regularly to keep it clean and dry. Maybe they used a manual pump. I don’t know. Whatever they did, a working bilge pump was a necessity for us. We have had the pump for a while, but the hose that goes with it was too big to fit through the small gap to carry it to the aft of the boat to drain out. So we bought a smaller hose, and adapters to go down to the smaller size. Except the adapters didn’t end up being the right size, because there is a conspiracy for bilge pump hoses to be odd sizes, so you can’t make it work and have to spend a bunch of extra money. At least that’s our theory.

After what felt like an hour at Home Depot, we walked away with some rubber tape to make a gasket on the adapters we had, stretchy sealant tape to add extra seal, and duct tape, just for good measure. All in all, I think it worked out well. Improvisation to the rescue once again.

Not the prettiest thing, but it functions. So I will take it.

This time of year is also crazy busy with kids events. We picked the WORST time to move an hour away from their schools. Choir, orchestra, end of year programs… none of which happen to fall on the same day, that would be far too convenient. We try to attend as many things as we can, but I am very much looking forward to May being over so we can get into a summer schedule.

Crazy kids schedules has proven especially difficult with the doggos. Originally we had just planned to leave them kenneled or leashed in the cockpit when we had to go places, but that resulted in some complaints from neighboring docks, because they would bark. In order to accommodate, we bought ultrasonic bark collars, and try to keep them inside the cabin when we leave. Right now it’s not a HUGE deal to have them inside because it’s not too hot outside yet, but once it gets warmer, we will need to figure out a solution for air conditioning. Boat life is a list of never ending projects.

I know this sounds like I am complaining. I’m not. Even with all the difficulties, I still love boat life. I love working with my kids on projects. I love learning how to cook on our propane stove (even though a lot of stuff has turned out sub par so far). And I love seeing the sunrise and sunsets out here. I keep waiting for the awe of living in this gorgeous place to wear off. It hasn’t. I still find myself walking down the dock with an extra spring in my step because I LIVE HERE! We get to see this beauty all the time. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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