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Boat “Adventures”: Part 3

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After taking my kids home, we had plans to take some friends out for a sail. They had been with us once before, but it was December and freezing, so we were hoping to be able to give them a better experience.

It all seemed to be going well, with the exception of our dogs’ Astro turf falling off the bow (we got it back), and we were in high spirits with good food and wind.

Then I looked down. And saw an inch of water in the bottom of the cabin (this is in addition to the 6 inch deep bilge). Fortunately we had gotten the bilge pump fully installed not long before.

I hopped down and flipped the switch to empty it out. So glad we sprung for a more powerful pump that could keep up. Once it went down enough to see what was going on, we found that our through hull valve had failed and was gushing lake water into our bilge. Tyson handed the helm to our friend, and we worked together to shove a rag into the hole to stop the gush.

We continued on to our anchor point at Eardley Spit, and took a swim. Tyson also shoved a rag up in the hole from the underside of the boat for extra security.

The sail back after dark was extremely peaceful and solid sailing, but we were on high alert listening and watching for more water. We made it fine, but the next day was dedicated to patching the hole, rather than relaxing as we had hoped. (Check out the video for details on that) But she’s afloat  and hopefully we won’t have to worry about it for a while.

I don’t think our friends will ever come sailing with us again.

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