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Common Courtesy, Not So Common

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This weekend we learned that you can’t buy decency (Thank you for the quote, Steven)

Friday afternoon, I was browsing Facebook, as I do, when I came across a boat shared to a sailing group that I am in. A 39’ Yorktown, listed for $16k. If you aren’t familiar with sailboats, that’s a screaming deal. According to the listing, most systems work, and pictures were recently taken and all looks pretty good. Get in touch with the seller, clarify which systems don’t work (primarily hooking up some electrical, which we can do after re-wiring Intrepid), and decide to take an impromptu road trip out to California to take a look at her.

The seller wasn’t showing the boat until Sunday morning, so we left Saturday to be able to get there early Sunday and head home after. We only have Cole this weekend because Kyle had work, so we packed up the Beast (our big SUV) and headed out.

Our plan was to set up our air mattress in the back and sleep in the car somewhere. Which was a great plan… until we got about 2 hours down the road and realized that we had left the air mattress under the trailer. Oops. My bad. One trip to Walmart later, we had another mattress (and it fits better in the back than the one we left, so I guess it’s not the worst thing), and we were back on our way.

After we got to L.A. (well, Wilmington actually) we went in search of the marina, so that we could make sure we knew where it was the next morning, since we had somewhat limited time, and we wanted to be one of the first to see it. Our GPS didn’t seem to know where it was taking us at first, and we ended up driving around the shipping docks of L.A. for a bit. Which was kind of cool, but also a bit sketch. Turned around, found food, and then double checked the navigation. Figured out that we had been close, just on the wrong side of an inlet. Which was cool because it meant that we could go over this amazingly cool bridge. Which was way more terrifying than cool when we were on it. It was super high, and I was scared. But we made it across, and found the marina around 7pm.

We thought about just parking in the marina parking lot to sleep, but the bathrooms had to be opened with a key, which we didn’t have. So we texted the seller and let them know we had found the marina and we would see him in the morning.

Now to find a place to sleep.

Since we have been considering a nomadic boon docking life with an RV, we have been doing a lot of research, which was helpful because we have found a couple resources for free parking/camping locations. But, we were in L.A. and there were none for over 30 miles. Next best option… Walmart parking lot.

It took a bit to get settled in, between feeding and watering the dogs, and multiple trips into Walmart for stuff we forgot, but we finally had the bed set up in the back and we were able to relax for a bit.

And then, at 10:30 pm, I got the text.

The boat that we had driven all that way to see, had sold. He got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

I was baffled and pissed.

He knew that we were there, we could have taken a look that night, but he sold it to someone else. Even after we had told him we were coming from Utah to see it.

Who does that? How does he know we wouldn’t have made a better offer? WHAT A JERK!!!

The seller tried to say he was sorry, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super receptive. Tyson talked me down from sending a barrage of angry texts, so I settled to cursing him in my mind and wishing bad karma on him.

Though quite deflated, we still went back to the marina the next morning, in hopes of being able to walk some of the docks and see a few other boats. There were a few yacht broker offices in the area, surely one of them would be around, and they could show us some boats that fit our criteria. Plus there was a cafe for breakfast right on the water, so at least we could eat.

(Shout out to the Marina Cafe, by the way, for being super dog friendly. They even had a dog menu. 10/10, would recommend)

Turns out, there were no yacht brokers to be seen, whether because it was Sunday, or cause they just aren’t there all the time, I don’t know. But we did see a for sale sign, and there were people on the boat milling about. Tyson flagged them down and we were able to take a look.

It was a Coronado 35, also for $16k. And really the first “big” boat that we have been able to physically see in our search for a boat. It’s amazing how different boats can look in pictures than in person. For better or worse.

The boat wasn’t a bad boat. High, center cockpit, with a lot of room below. The aft berth had a king bed! That’s bigger than the bed we had had at the house. Not something you usually see on a 35’ boat. It was in good condition, just a bit old and dingy. And tall. But overall, just not that thrilling. Coronado reviews online weren’t great either, so it just wasn’t the boat for us.

While we were checking out the Coronado, we told the owner, Al, about the boat we came out to see, and the situation with it being sold. He said he knew the boat, and had friends that looked at it and said it was trashed. That made us feel a little bit better. Knowing it probably wouldn’t have been the boat for us anyway helped, though we still would have liked to have had the option to make that decision ourselves.

Al also suggested we check out the Shoreline Marina down the road, because they are more open to live aboards, so we headed over.

Shoreline is a huge marina, especially compared to our little marina on the Great Salt Lake. We walked around, and talked to the marina management to get info on slips. Live aboard wait list is 3 years. Blah. But at least we know.

There was one more boat that I had my eye on online, that happened to be in the Shoreline Marina. A Catalina 36. We like Catalinas. I called the broker who was selling it, and he was able to re-work his schedule to come show it to us. Thank you, Lon!

She was beautiful. Legitimately everything we could ask for in a boat. New upholstery, new bottom job, tons of upgrades. Pretty much perfect. And in our price range. Even better.

If we were more impulsive, we probably would have put down an offer then and there. But logic rules out, and we have another appointment for another boat in Washington next week, After that, we may put in an offer on her, but we owe it to ourselves, and the other sellers to keep our appointment.

All in all, it ended on a good note. It wasn’t a total waste of time, we were able to see some boats, get a feel for the marinas in the area, and see the ocean. And we *may* have found our girl. Stay tuned for next weekends adventures.

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