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Buying a Boat… Again.

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Remember how much I didn’t like this process before? Yeah… I still don’t like it. It’s exhausting and an emotional rollercoaster.

After sailing Magic Feather, we were in love. But our head and logic couldn’t forget Kalimba in Long Beach. Magic Feather had the love and the feeling, but Kalimba has more recent upgrades, and could hold us all easily. So we went back to our old method… The Pro/Con List.

I won’t bore you with the whole list, but here is the gist of it:

Rigging- Magic Feather (MF, because Magic Feather takes too long to write out) has been replaced recently, Kalimba we don’t know when. Win for MF

Layout- Kalimba has the better layout. Check for K.

Cockpit Enclosure- MF has full enclosure, Kalimba only half. MF ahead again.

Draft- Kalimba is 5’9, MF 6’11. Kalimba ties it up.

And on and on.

We also priced out the upgrades needed for each for our uses. In the end, Magic Feather was cheaper, Kalimba had more pros.

So we decided to get some outside un-biased opinion. Tyson’s best friend. After hearing everything, he suggested going with the one that we would be most comfortable living in every day. Which is Kalimba, due to her layout.

Lets move forward with Kalimba.

Not so fast.

I sent an email to the broker to let them know we wanted Kalimba… and IMMEDIATELY regretted it. Tears in my eyes as soon as I hit “send”. The thought of giving up Magic Feather, this boat that we feel so connected to and love, made me want to cry ugly tears. And I was being silly. Kalimba was a beautiful boat and we could be so happy on her.

But the more I thought about it, the sadder I got. The broker called to figure out the offer, and I didn’t answer (don’t do this, kind of a dick move) and when Tyson asked me why, I told him I didn’t want to lose out on Magic Feather.

He was completely on board. Magic Feather was his first choice anyway.

And so we decided to make an offer.

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