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The Offer

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Making an offer on a boat is scary. It’s a lot like making an offer on a house. Except, in our case, without the expertise of a broker to guide our offer.

We really didn’t want to offend Toni and David, but we did want to get a fair price. We researched. Looked for what other Lancers were being sold for, looked for values on the NADA guides (think KBB for boats), priced all the “upgrades” out so that we could offer what we felt was fair.

Asking price was $32000.

We offered $26000.

I was terrified to look at my phone after I sent the message with our offer. Even after seeing Toni reply back, we didn’t read it for a bit. Too scared of what it would say.

But eventually, it had to be read.

Rejected. Flat out. No counter offer, no wiggle, nothing.

I don’t fault them for it. They just want to get what they feel she’s worth. But it did hurt a bit that they were unwilling to be flexible or meet halfway.

We waited a bit to respond. Thanked them for a wonderful day of sailing, but that we would have to pass.

It was a sad day.

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