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A Complete 180

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I promised you an update.

Cutting to the chase, we are staying in Utah. After driving back and forth to CA multiple times, we realized that it was more than we wanted to do in order to see our kids twice a month. As hard as the decision was, we came to the conclusion that we should wait on the big boat for now. But with that in mind, we needed to find a place to live here in Utah. The trailer isn’t warm enough, and has more issues than we would like. And Intrepid is still infested with spiders and flies, and currently has no power/water. So we are buying a house.

Well, a cabin more specifically. 

And the process has been downright draining. Once we made the decision, we wanted to move as quickly as possible, before it gets too cold. We looked at several, offers were made, our favorite was bought out from under us when a cash offer snuck in, and then we spent nearly a week haggling back and forth on our second choice. Each day felt like an eternity waiting on responses. But we are finally under contract on choice number two. We will be doing some updates to it in the next year or so, but overall I think we will be happy there, and we are still close to our kids (and Intrepid). The cruising life will still come eventually, but for now we will be nestled in the foothills of our lovely Rockies, and I will be happy to have my mountain views again. 

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