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And So the Remodel Begins…

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When we bought this place, the plan was to gradually renovate it into our dream home. We failed at the “gradual” part. As we started taking stuff apart, we just had to dive in headfirst. This meant that we have been so busy with improvements that I haven’t had time to keep you guys updated. But we have now hit a point of “good enough for now”, so I have a minute to fill you in on all the excitement. 

And boy has there been excitement.

The first thing that we HAD to change was the flooring. Originally there were 3 different carpets, 2 different linoleums, and 2 different hardwoods. Why? We have no idea. 

The brown carpet that was in most of the living space had to go. We started tearing it out on day two of living here. I am sure it had been here since the house was built in 1988. It was greasy and sticky and dirty. We didn’t even care what we found underneath, because nothing could be worse than the carpet.

Upstairs we got lucky. Kinda.

There IS hardwood upstairs. Granted we have to refinish it, but that’s completely doable. But the carpet was wedged under the row of cabinets we have up there for storage. Which meant that tearing it out was a HUGE pain in the rear. And we have damaged a bit of the base of the cabinets. But nothing that a piece of trim won’t hide, we will be painting it anyway. But man that was terrible.

The stairs weren’t much better as far as ease of removing the old carpet, but lucky again as far as good wood underneath. Those will be painted and finished at some point as well, but nothing urgent.

The main floor we weren’t so fortunate. Plywood subfloor. But again, ANYTHING was better than greasy carpet.

We dealt with the plywood for almost two weeks while the flooring we ordered came in. In fact, while tearing out the carpet was the first thing we did, the new flooring was the last to go back in. But it looks so nice and it’s wonderful. I will share a whole post of the final results once we are FULLY done, but here is where we are now and I am pleased.

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